We're Mollie & Kelly,

former professional golfers, now owners and bakers of Kittie’s Hand Crafted Cakes. While we have both spent a lot of time in the kitchen throughout our life, our passion for baking grew on the golf course and through our worldly travels.

World travels, worldly flavors

Throughout the 10 years of our professional golf careers, our travels took us all over the world. We’ve explored cities both domestic and international, sampling local cuisine to inspire new flavors in our kitchen.

As our professional golf careers came to a close in September of 2011, we began perfecting our recipes. Together, we’ve created new twists on our family favorites.

On April 5th, 2013, we opened Kittie’s on Third Street in historic German Village.

“We traveled the world playing golf but we loved exploring the cities for the best food and bakeries!

So we wanted to bring a new cake experience to Columbus, Ohio that no one, not even us, has ever experienced.”

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we believe good implies more than just taste.

Don't Bake Excess Amounts

We hate letting good food go to waste, so we’re careful to bake only what we plan to sell for that day.

Use Only Real Ingredients

Delicious food should be simple. To us this means fresh, preservative-free food made without artificial ingredients.


We donate leftovers to local charities and named our store after Mollie’s mom, Kittie, who has always guided us in the kitchen.

We heart image Our Community!

KITTIE’S is highly involved with charity fundraising. If you have an upcoming  community event and would like to reach out to us to make a donation, please email