Welcome to Kittie’s.

Our founders created Kittie’s Cakes in 2013 after exploring the world and trying countless cafes, bakeries and restaurants. Coming home, they were inspired to create a warm space in their own community. One with baked goods influenced by tradition and the tastes they loved during their travels. 

Coming Home

Today, we’re excited to open our doors each morning, welcome customers that feel like family, and serve you stuff that makes you smile: Sweet treats that remind you of delicious memories, with an edge you’ve never seen before. 

So come on in and get to know us.  Make yourself comfortable.   

Try what we’ve baked for you today.  

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we believe good implies more than just taste.

No Waste

We hate wasting good food, so we’re careful to only make what we can sell that day.

Real Fresh

We make REAL baked goods. Free of artificial flavors and preservatives. And we make them fresh every single day. 

Deep Roots

We love a great story, the strong women who taught us to bake, and being involved in our communities. 

We heart image Our Community!

KITTIE’S is highly involved with charity fundraising. If you have an upcoming  community event and would like to reach out to us to make a donation, please email